Thursday, May 28, 2009

So, It Comes Down To This

It seems like the echo of complacency is settling in sometimes, but with no outlet or avenue, any mouthpiece and without a leader, any hope seems disconnected and trashed. I write in my blog about some of the feelings I am personally going through and hope that it will be enough between me and my maker. I will not have to answer to anyone about how much effort is enough except to Him and to Him should always be enough. After all, I do not wish to sound too zealous, but He controls it all anyway, so what we do with it is what He really wants to see. 

I also belong to 4-5 part time Ning groups, twitter like crazy and try to be a nuissance. I'm reading nonstop but also I am thinking critically. That alone takes an immense amount of work and pretty much fills my day. I love my country, and most of all my country at peace but I will trade my comfort for my kids anyday and the prospects of their lives haunts me to my core. For thousands of years and hundreds of generations from the primordial ooze, parents have wanted no less for their own.

I divide my time in every way that I can think of and quite frankly, the ride gets to be too much sometimes. I definitely don't need to get into the litany of what I see as a perfectly coordinated attack not only on liberty and property, but on basic competence and human dignity as well as livelyhood and free enterprise. Each day, it is the same thing, a new assault from a new direction and and it surely is designed to run any opposition squarely off the rails in rage and tempestuous but futile effort. Too little is not enough and too much will forever be too little. God help us.

If, we are talking about action, there have been any number of planned and civilized outrage actions and at any various levels of organization and not one iota of success. But such a tour de force on that side could give the Nazi's a run for their money in the speed in which they have gotten things organized at at our throats.

I am not a history buff, but even Hitler had the Kaiser to check his progress for a time. Even Moussilini had to suppress a few wild hairs before he got really started. This has hit and hit and hit, over and over again along every faultline there was in America. It is amazing there is any opposition to speak of at this point. I am talking about - both the at once inept yet pervasive nature of how so much of it dovetails into the rest of it. What I am suggesting is that we pay attention to what we already know in our hearts and seem to be dumbfoundedly waiting for confirmation of it to happen.

Let's assume the worst. At what point in your to do list do you decide to buy a gun? Many of us have already decided that that is a perfectly reasonable thing to do and may have already done so or are in the process of becoming a firearm owner. There are all of those issues that ownership brings up. Safety, best practices and what to do if the stuff really hits the fan, breaks into your house and you actually have to use that new stuff. There's ammo and a safe to keep it and practice, practice, practice in order to know how not to shoot yourself if you use it, because, self defense and defense of someone else is the one thing that they are good for. I thought criminals had guns.

Then there is the other part of the 'to keep and bear arms' stuff that IS in the constitution that no one really wants to talk about because it is so extreme, so fantastical that it doesn't even remotely resemble reality in any sane sense, but now, somehow, in a far out way that the founders were in their foresight able to detect from 1775, that we don't seem to be able to recognize on the evening news that lie, lie, lie about not only the country, but also ourselves and what we believe, to be mocked and ridiculed and I just get super pissed and have a tough time with it. It is Saul Alinsky's 12th rule of freeze the target and isolate, ridicule and cut off the aid. Pretty much what they are doing over and over every day to some other make believe person that so much as looks at the president Obama as the insane lunatic he is. So we were supposed to use the second amendment for that?

I KNOW how crazy this sounds but I also know that this man decided that He needed a 72% share of General Motors today and that is not even by five o'clock eastern time. Believe me, by the time he gets around to telling you how you are going to live, you will be begging, no pleading for the reeducation camp. I pray that that is not the case, but he is acting with line with the rest of our government; as if that is the only plan that they are even remotely capable of handling.

I grew up on a farm. I have seen how animals react and they do so effortlessly and they do so all day long. They never tire and they never weary, they don't even sweat. They are acting on instinct. Fight. flee, mewl, eat, get sick / well, birth and death is in their nature. It is we, who give them names and make them move, choose the time of their coming and going, how they live and how they die. They do not have to think of tomorrow, there is only this somehow terrible now we are living in and only instinct to guide them. They do so because that is their nature.

This is how this administration is running, on instinct as one great beast. Because I have seen what animals are capable of up close and to what purpose they act and react to. I am not now offering how to become alarmed. I think we are all already alarmed because we realize the implications that is happening. But do we realize what we are up against? What does it want? What is it going after? What are the forces at work within it and when will they tire? While we are navel gazing, how much longer do we have to react and to save what we are feeling from happening? What would that look like if we did 'pick up our sword' and 'gird our loins' metaphorically speaking?

So many voices talk about organized resistance and a few with an outright bewilderment as to why there hasn't been actual revolt. But I wonder if any of those same voices have an answer as to exactly when should this happen? Does anyone alive have any idea what it would take to take on America in her Imperial majesty? It's not the bloody Redcoats we are talking about. Mel Gibson in the Patriot was pretty much right to refuse to having to fight one more war. It's an insane mess. We would be fighting for our rights with pitchforks and peashooters while they would be amassed with the whole myrmidon army. Will it come to that? Only chance would know once the bottle is spun. Last time it cost America 600,000 lives who's ghosts are screaming from their graves for for the sin of slavery on mens souls. There shouldn't have to be any more lives spent achieving a more perfect union


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