Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unbelievable Reason To Hope

Everything old is new again. Elections mean something even in the EU.

What was the wake up call of the social conservatives, the war in Afghanistan following 11.9.2001 and further in March of 2003, Saddam Hussien thumbs his nose at endless UN resolutions while George Bush and Dick Cheney seemed to be the only ones capable of standing up to an Islamist threat, a hydra headed beast from out of the east and the terror manual that is a HOLY BOOK, When everyone on this side and that side of the Big Pond that held a degree of esteem within the media, intelligentsia, diplomatic corp fought them tooth and nail, the people have indeed finally spoken, sick of the corruption, the lowering of cultural standards to the lowest common denominator and the political bullying by illiterate Islamists. The world will never be the same. Will we still be politically correct?

It's simply too bad that the sides which seemed so steadfastly entrenched have finally made their polar opposites the defacto political mandate. Thank God for the Europeans with some backbone. I am going to be spending much more time understanding this latest poll results for conservatism all over Europe. This is change with hope, but the numbers are real bad/ Demographics are a fact of life.

SUNDAY, JUNE 07, 2009
“Reshaping the Political Map”
by Baron Bodissey
The European socialist Left is not having a good evening. All across Europe the right-wing parties — demonized for years as “racist”, “xenophobic”, etc. — are winning big. In the UK, UKIP has shown very strong gains.

Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP — which also did well — was kept out of Manchester town hall for the counting by a crowd of violent “anti-fascists”.

Other parties that made gains were the PVV in the Netherlands, the Danish People’s Party, the FPÖ in Austria, and the opposition Popular Party in Spain.

Please read the rest here. Per The Gates of Vienna Blog


The War in Afghanistan is heating up. Latest info being shared with the public June 2009.

How the Looney Left Get The Moral Authority To Speak For Us.

Authority can only come from God, right?  I mean, if you feel like you believe in one, at least on some level say,  if you were to have to face St Peter's Gates before all of eternity, in that one case how you would spin things in your defense.  Right?

Anyway, I came across the Leftist Ten Commandments written by the man himself, Rush Limbaugh which can go all the way out to six hundred and sixty-six million if the mood strikes, because the Progressive Manifesto says you are the same thing as God,  if you wanted to be and felt you were in the mood on a good day.  

This goes double for laissez faire Catholic.

  • Thou shalt have no other God except thyself; after all, it’s thy self-esteem that counts.  If thee don’t love thee, who will?
  • Thou shalt not make any graven images out of any substances which cannot be recycled.
  • Thou shalt not take the name of liberals in criticism, including feminists, racial minorities, or any person who thinks he is a victim of America.
  • Remember the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade & Anita Hill’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and keep them holy.
  • Honor thy mother.  If she’s dysfunctional, it is thy father’s fault.
  • Thou shalt not kill.  With these exceptions: life forms under the second trimester and those opting for medically assisted suicides.
  • Thou shalt not commit adultery.  Unless thou aspire to high political office, use a condom, or thou cannot help it.
  • Thou shalt not steal.  Unless thou art disadavanted or upset with a jury verdict.
  • Thou shalt not bear false witness.  Unless thou art discussing the history of the 1980s, art campaigning for office, or can afford good legal counsel in the event you are discovered—and can ask the American people to pay thy legal bills.
  • Thou shalt not covet.  Unless thou art the victim of gender related oppression, institutional racism, or art still angry with Reagan’s tax cuts.
  •   Always hide the real truth about thyself.
  •   Never admit who or what thou really art when campaigning for political office.
  •  Always blame someone else for what thou doest—even so far as to blame the entire society.
  •   Thou shalt oppose all punishment.
  • The Money Trail In Going Green

    What is the main reason the green movement has such stamina when thousands of scientists have signed on to the movement to discredit Global Warming as a theory, as the evidence mounts, the anti global warming movement finds it increasingly difficult to get the message out through an uncooperative mainstream media.

    Excellent piece from Financial Post by Lawrence Solomon here.

    Why I Own a Gun

    “The cases of someone misusing their concealed pistol license are virtually unheard of,” Mark Duncan, deputy police chief in Bainbridge Island, said.