Monday, April 20, 2009

Che Down The Rabbit Hole Parts I and II a Movie Review

It really is fascinating the unrelenting marketing of this man.  Someone said that the brand identification of Che started with that ubique image of the man from the sixties.  I was bored on this Read the Constitution Monday and decided to go have a tortured evening watching such stuff to see if I could figure this thing out.  I did not, sad to say, nor for that matter did I ever figure out what on earth was the fascination with the Grateful Dead.
What I saw, I have to admit was a loving embrace of the revolutionary and an almost total whitewash of the man.  There is nothing of the person, only the revolutionary with a twist, that of an almost morbid fascination with gritty wounds.  Nobody ever gets better in this movie, but there seems to be an endless stream of bullet wound trajectories and woozy camera angles to fizz in and out of consciousness and blood drippy fingers.  It is almost like the movie tries to make metaphor for what the propaganda is supposed to do for you.  
It also says it in the credits that this part of the movie (its actually a two parter, just like the old double feature, so thats over four hours- of Lawrence Of Arabia doting of loving embrace)that what follows is based on Che's actual diaries, and if this is what passes for his diaries, then there was absolutely no humor in the man.  Just what you would expect from reading the memoirs of a sociopath. Whatever plot interpretation, quips or jokes, or for that matter character depth is absent.  Benecio Del Toro is a fine actor and many, many fine latino actors are in it up to and including a surprising short sequence with Lou Diamond Phillips but alas , no Edward Olmos.  This thing is put together with the exact literal translation of Che's personal notes with; I want to say an almost sacrosanct devotion to every word.  I am saying almost because its not because I studied Che, or even thought of him as anything other than a misguided killer on a Statezilla binge, but I could only determine the relentless drive and heroic struggle of the sleeping in the rain, playing with buddy guts and the 'doing what needs to be done' task type stuff of the 'trooper life', sorry that does not include catholes and stinking to hell, but the romantic Zapatista, the Simon Bolivar type of revolutionary that pissed off Texans once or twice and that seem to be in need of another ass whuppin as we speak.

But what I did get as a student of history and that usually includes military history if you get into history at all, you will be struck by how absolutely by the book the memoir and the tremendously EPIC four hours of film are to Mao's Little Red Book on guerrilla warfare.  This is the motherlode of asymetrical warfare which our current baffoon in office Barack Hussien Obama seems to not only do alittle doting on dictators himself but perhaps might even fancy himself as one by the time he is through having his way with America, as in U.S, America, home of the free, land of the brave, which, Che makes quite a bit of hay blaming America in trying to unite the 'helpless peasants' behind the blood drenched cause by circling and underlining American Imperialism, shake, stir, repeat.
Any way, if you go to this thing with anything other than stars in your eyes "for the revolutionary struggle of communism" then its pretty much bound to tick you off in a few places. 
I only saw maybe a handful of people at the theatre with me, so, hopefully, this thing gets sold to the latino market and fizzles out as nostalgia for sixties prop that it most definately is.  Long Live The Revolution and Off Topic

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Real Quest For Stem Cell Research.

How did the worlds greatest evil prevail upon a christian nation the idea of killing in huge quantities of peoples that came into their control such as jews, gypsy's, the disabled, to the point of genocide was not only feasable, but a matter of life and death instead of a ridiculously cruel and hideous distortion that common sense would dictate? Weren't there some who might have objected to some of these insane and murderous ideas? The answer of course is that it was through a chimera of science, and man's destiny, the unspoken hunt of all progressive movements that leads inexorably to sacrifice's that must be endured. Most commonly a sacrifice of those outside the inner circle of cruelty who must pay. But the truism that what is merely endured in the present becomes the excess of the next generation has been and always will remain the path of the state as liberty gives ground. Something the good people in the progressive movement, the communist movement and every statist movement envies with every fibre of their being, to weild this much control over the thoughts of so many people and get them to be a force for only your bidding, it takes science.

Here is the principle of Hitler's henchmen in a six part series. I try to be funny, I really do.

Part 2 Mengele

Part 3 Mengele

Part 4 Mengele

Part 5 Mengele

Part 6 Mengele

Venezuelan bishop: 'I am not afraid of threats'

Caracas, Venezuela, Apr 17, 2009 / 12:50 pm (CNA).- Bishop Rafael Conde of Maracay in Venezuela rejected threats made against him this week by members of the party of President Hugo Chavez and said the bishops in that country would continue working without fear to achieve a climate of dialogue.

More here

Communism's American Goals 1963

There are some who believe that it cannot happen here. There are some who are convinced it already has.

Rev Al Stock Goes Through The Roof

Ever wonder how the Democratic Left seems to just glory in graft and corruption? Doesn't it seem that continuosly there is some sort of corruption in leaders from the left which seem to top the last graft in boldness and ineptitude? Then you can no more expect that things will ever get better if it only gets worse, and this from a supposed 'Man of The Cross', but perhaps in some sense he was just "Sticking It To The Man" when Reverend Al Sharpton accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds from private sources during his unsuccessful run for Democratic nominee.

In a decision to be made public next month, The Federal Election Commission also found that the campaign kept poor records of its activities and expenditures" and commingled funds with Sharpton's civil-rights group. In a decision that fined the campaign of Rev. Al a $285,000 fine, the largest fine ever Rev Al agreed to pay the fin along with the good Reverends campaign manager, Andrew Rivera. The report went on to state; "Sharpton 2004 materially misstated its receipts and disbursements, as well as cash on hand in 2004" following the investigation.

Real Story From Boots On The Ground

Wonder why it took five days to rescue The ships captain? Warning, this is RAW feed and does not have supporting evidence. What is there is the language of those who do these things for a living. I offer it only as advisement for those who like to be smarter than everybody else.

How Big Were the Tea Party Protests?

Here is an article from the Christian Science Monitor which has the debate over how large it was and how some estimates were over 500,000. To have non tradition protesters, put together a bottom up grassroots movement in just over 60 days speaks volumes of how big this movement is, and the ignorance of it belies just how much farther this thing could go.
It is entirely driven by how far the Internal Enemy of Cicero is willing to go.


Gov. Sarah Palin's Trip

Its great to hear from The One from our side and how really genuine she is from someone who was with her the whole time.

Every election in America, God has seen fit to raise one person to the highest level of candidacy for president in order for the people to choose, but in the last election, the whole gummed up works spun Sarah's story so much that it was impossible to choose correctly unless you had expert experience in digging out the truth from the lefts media blackout, you never would have been able to pick out any dissent in her media rejection. People are people, and most times they will choose the obvious choice. Been to the supermarket lately?

This was a crime against humanity, being that the POTUS effects the lives of so many in the world indirectly, and many directly will live their lives based on what the president and administration, does or does not do within the perview of the presidency.. But God willing, they may think that we are out, but we are not out. There are not enough of them to get what they want if we fight them. I want our country back. Now.

Bush Makes First Overseas Trip

Remember what it felt like to have a President? I'm sad this man has been hacked to death for the last 8 years but we should have had this battle out with the left during those years when it was Treason, now it is the christian perspective which is being called treasonous.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

God Save Capt. Richard Phillips

This Is why I love this country.  I like seeing heroes and I like it when heroes meet other heroes.  I like it when the good guys get the chance to make the world a better place.  What in God's Name could be wrong with that?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Culture War Update

How the radical left is the new power in the presidents Faith Based initiatives.

No commentary.  This isn't necessary.

Taking a Break For Holy Week

It Makes a person stale to do the same things over and over.  Just as night follows day, summer follows spring, the seasons change.  Much of what drives us is the sense that we aren't getting enough done.  We will never get enough done.  But place importance on things that do not follow each other in this endless merry go round and find something that lasts forever.  For most people, the message here will come as only a glimpse at some point of their life.  For some, it may never come.
For them that have heard the call, let them answer. 
Glory, Halleluia.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alinsky in the Presidents Pocket.

While perusing the decks for something to understand the playbook, or the ROE of President Obama's stratergery, it jumps out at you like a lock in key, that Sol Alinsky' Rules for Radicals is in the Presidents Playbook.  What technique depends on what tactic is coming next.  What we should do is study this Mien Kampf if we don't wish to be led to the funeral pyre.

Always remember the first rule of Power Tactics; 

1.) Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.-

Tracking this dictum, there has never been another administration in my lifetime that has been so dedicated to creating a mystique of power and ineptitude. Daily within these first 70 days we are tracking news reports that are designed to confuse the issue with propaganda and malfeasance of the countries wealth, while demanding more and more power in order to 'fix' the problem.  This disconcerts the enemy and brings more illusion of power in order to continue the consolidation for a power base and army of activists.  We understand that he will not give up his Blackberry because to do so would be to admit a weakness. There are thousand of Tweeters he can call on in a moments notice.  Again, I do not imply that he is anything more than inept but even that can be cultivated.  He cannot be pinned down.  He is walking contradiction.  The press fawns over him while the rest of the world marvels at the horror of his lack of protocol and manners.  The news reports of the G20 visit faux pas cannot be equivocated, or explained away as simple oversight, that would have been boneheaded the first time with the Gordon Brown debacle, the one where he said that he was so tired, yet he has time enough to single handed run up the deficit and tell Joe the Plumbers about redistributing wealth.  Not somebody else's wealth, your wealth, and that the governments revolution is to provide that.  We will go into more of the pragmatic uses of Alinky's Rules for Radicals in more installments but the next rule in power tactics is;

2.) "Never go outside the expertise of your people" 

The mainstream media , Pro-nounced ; meed-ja has been the single most abiding supporter of the revolution they openly declare as having begun and that the President has only Four Years to get things done or the world is lost and we will be consumed in a fiery flood.
People get that, they don't seem to care about some fifty year old mien kampf from an old Marxist, but the Progressives Do!

Maybe it is clear that the actions of the news which we are relying on to be objective, that the presidents natural critics  having learned their lesson from the 'Swift Boating' have finally circled the wagons and have a hammer lock of objective reality.  For far too long the right has been forced to feed the presidents natural critics, the hoi pilloi, or common sense independent thinkers,  still capable of critical reasoning.  Their group was despirited by the sudden flash from out of nowhere Pajama's Media to counter the stupid lies that twenty seconds with a google could uncover the lazy journalism, the fabricated stories and malevelant America bashing that the 'Intelligensia' generated.  This was somehow America's Worst attribute, that they were not ready for revolution.  They weren't ready for the new Ruling Class.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Notre Dame's Moral Dilemma; Molochians Get Tenure

What should be clear is that the popular definition of "free" is coming to blows with the immovable object of truth.  If the adherence to the principle of truth leads to greater freedom then to choose another path is to destroy our freedom of choice.  The Catholic Church asserts its adherence to the principle of truth, therefor is not able to choose error because to do so places the goal of greater freedom of choice in jeopardy.  So when a Catholic institution tenures an offer to President Obama, it is in error if it does so under the pretense of the discovery and adherence to the truth once found.  Mr Obama's often expressed dogmatic expression and subsequent action on policies and programs that destroy innocent life in the womb, declare philosophical war with the Magesterium and then upholds the blood sacrifice to the demonic gods of science and the discovery of new uses for murdered tissue.  We who love history could argue that this flies boldly in the face of that dark angel of the Apocalypse, Dr.  Joseph Mengele's experimentation on twins he found in the Nazi Death Camps were unspeakable crimes against humanity, yet in order of magnitude a mere carnival ride of horrors.  

There simply is no compromise with saying it.  This is outrage and must be called out every time no matter how uncomfortable it is, or where the discussion may lead, because to do so equates with destruction of good and the support of evil and to speak out about it affirms that there is in fact an absolute intrinsic truth to the termination of Motherhood and that no good is found in a false premise that equates freedom with infanticide.  Dr. Mengele's adherence to the principles of science are well understood to not only be covered in scientific research but made clinical study of the objects of Nazism's murderous policies.  These labratory coat experiments and the rest of the trappings of scientific research make career choices of  the killing of innocent human life difficult for only those willing to subvert good sense.   The liberation of millions from tyranny and control over one's own destiny represented in Nazi propaganda targeting  Jews, equates to Ivy League Political Correct Speech in every college indoctrination on gender issues targeting babies; while Mr. Obama equates impending pregnancy  with punishment if his own daughters "made a mistake."

If 60% of Roman Catholics do not see the error in voting for 'The One,' it is not the spirit of love to compound the error to blithely obliterate that fact to establish the parity of error with truth for a definition of freedom that does not exist.  To do so destroys everyone's freedom and leads to further social decay.  A decay that has so weakened a society that it can no longer withstand its own internal tension and is in the process of bloating before the inevitable distention and rot.  It would perhaps further the discussion, to discuss if it is at all possible under these conditions to commit any act of heresy?  The putrid effects of this sliming of even the notion of justice comes from this one pinnacle truth.  We are about to see the effects of moral decline and the history of humanity is not kind on the effects of degenerate culture.  In democracies it is said that they cave from within by weakness and moral decline.  By now, a mere 70 days into this aberration of  a presidency and all three branches of the government run amok and busy tearing down everything useful and good and tested as productive during one of the most confusion driven panic producing fiscal policies providing chaotic cover for a people that are aching in agony over the useless destruction of their whole life's work to serve a theory that will enslave all the means of production in the entire world.  
There are no breakers to throw, there are no borders to cross, there is no up or down, there is only this one question before the ovens, did we do this to ourselves?  Did we deserve this?  Was there some rule that we broke?  Did we say enough to our brothers at the larder, to stop, this is sloth?  What did the Jews say before the oven?  Were they sure they were about to be gassed?  Did it even matter if they knew the people who controlled their fate cared not in the least if they were a bother enough to kill yet or not?  What will it look like when finally it is our turn for the lines?  Will we care for each other and offer comforting words?  Will we then care for our brother?