Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gov. Sarah Palin's Trip

Its great to hear from The One from our side and how really genuine she is from someone who was with her the whole time.

Every election in America, God has seen fit to raise one person to the highest level of candidacy for president in order for the people to choose, but in the last election, the whole gummed up works spun Sarah's story so much that it was impossible to choose correctly unless you had expert experience in digging out the truth from the lefts media blackout, you never would have been able to pick out any dissent in her media rejection. People are people, and most times they will choose the obvious choice. Been to the supermarket lately?

This was a crime against humanity, being that the POTUS effects the lives of so many in the world indirectly, and many directly will live their lives based on what the president and administration, does or does not do within the perview of the presidency.. But God willing, they may think that we are out, but we are not out. There are not enough of them to get what they want if we fight them. I want our country back. Now.

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