Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alinsky in the Presidents Pocket.

While perusing the decks for something to understand the playbook, or the ROE of President Obama's stratergery, it jumps out at you like a lock in key, that Sol Alinsky' Rules for Radicals is in the Presidents Playbook.  What technique depends on what tactic is coming next.  What we should do is study this Mien Kampf if we don't wish to be led to the funeral pyre.

Always remember the first rule of Power Tactics; 

1.) Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.-

Tracking this dictum, there has never been another administration in my lifetime that has been so dedicated to creating a mystique of power and ineptitude. Daily within these first 70 days we are tracking news reports that are designed to confuse the issue with propaganda and malfeasance of the countries wealth, while demanding more and more power in order to 'fix' the problem.  This disconcerts the enemy and brings more illusion of power in order to continue the consolidation for a power base and army of activists.  We understand that he will not give up his Blackberry because to do so would be to admit a weakness. There are thousand of Tweeters he can call on in a moments notice.  Again, I do not imply that he is anything more than inept but even that can be cultivated.  He cannot be pinned down.  He is walking contradiction.  The press fawns over him while the rest of the world marvels at the horror of his lack of protocol and manners.  The news reports of the G20 visit faux pas cannot be equivocated, or explained away as simple oversight, that would have been boneheaded the first time with the Gordon Brown debacle, the one where he said that he was so tired, yet he has time enough to single handed run up the deficit and tell Joe the Plumbers about redistributing wealth.  Not somebody else's wealth, your wealth, and that the governments revolution is to provide that.  We will go into more of the pragmatic uses of Alinky's Rules for Radicals in more installments but the next rule in power tactics is;

2.) "Never go outside the expertise of your people" 

The mainstream media , Pro-nounced ; meed-ja has been the single most abiding supporter of the revolution they openly declare as having begun and that the President has only Four Years to get things done or the world is lost and we will be consumed in a fiery flood.
People get that, they don't seem to care about some fifty year old mien kampf from an old Marxist, but the Progressives Do!

Maybe it is clear that the actions of the news which we are relying on to be objective, that the presidents natural critics  having learned their lesson from the 'Swift Boating' have finally circled the wagons and have a hammer lock of objective reality.  For far too long the right has been forced to feed the presidents natural critics, the hoi pilloi, or common sense independent thinkers,  still capable of critical reasoning.  Their group was despirited by the sudden flash from out of nowhere Pajama's Media to counter the stupid lies that twenty seconds with a google could uncover the lazy journalism, the fabricated stories and malevelant America bashing that the 'Intelligensia' generated.  This was somehow America's Worst attribute, that they were not ready for revolution.  They weren't ready for the new Ruling Class.

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