Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Notre Dame's Moral Dilemma; Molochians Get Tenure

What should be clear is that the popular definition of "free" is coming to blows with the immovable object of truth.  If the adherence to the principle of truth leads to greater freedom then to choose another path is to destroy our freedom of choice.  The Catholic Church asserts its adherence to the principle of truth, therefor is not able to choose error because to do so places the goal of greater freedom of choice in jeopardy.  So when a Catholic institution tenures an offer to President Obama, it is in error if it does so under the pretense of the discovery and adherence to the truth once found.  Mr Obama's often expressed dogmatic expression and subsequent action on policies and programs that destroy innocent life in the womb, declare philosophical war with the Magesterium and then upholds the blood sacrifice to the demonic gods of science and the discovery of new uses for murdered tissue.  We who love history could argue that this flies boldly in the face of that dark angel of the Apocalypse, Dr.  Joseph Mengele's experimentation on twins he found in the Nazi Death Camps were unspeakable crimes against humanity, yet in order of magnitude a mere carnival ride of horrors.  

There simply is no compromise with saying it.  This is outrage and must be called out every time no matter how uncomfortable it is, or where the discussion may lead, because to do so equates with destruction of good and the support of evil and to speak out about it affirms that there is in fact an absolute intrinsic truth to the termination of Motherhood and that no good is found in a false premise that equates freedom with infanticide.  Dr. Mengele's adherence to the principles of science are well understood to not only be covered in scientific research but made clinical study of the objects of Nazism's murderous policies.  These labratory coat experiments and the rest of the trappings of scientific research make career choices of  the killing of innocent human life difficult for only those willing to subvert good sense.   The liberation of millions from tyranny and control over one's own destiny represented in Nazi propaganda targeting  Jews, equates to Ivy League Political Correct Speech in every college indoctrination on gender issues targeting babies; while Mr. Obama equates impending pregnancy  with punishment if his own daughters "made a mistake."

If 60% of Roman Catholics do not see the error in voting for 'The One,' it is not the spirit of love to compound the error to blithely obliterate that fact to establish the parity of error with truth for a definition of freedom that does not exist.  To do so destroys everyone's freedom and leads to further social decay.  A decay that has so weakened a society that it can no longer withstand its own internal tension and is in the process of bloating before the inevitable distention and rot.  It would perhaps further the discussion, to discuss if it is at all possible under these conditions to commit any act of heresy?  The putrid effects of this sliming of even the notion of justice comes from this one pinnacle truth.  We are about to see the effects of moral decline and the history of humanity is not kind on the effects of degenerate culture.  In democracies it is said that they cave from within by weakness and moral decline.  By now, a mere 70 days into this aberration of  a presidency and all three branches of the government run amok and busy tearing down everything useful and good and tested as productive during one of the most confusion driven panic producing fiscal policies providing chaotic cover for a people that are aching in agony over the useless destruction of their whole life's work to serve a theory that will enslave all the means of production in the entire world.  
There are no breakers to throw, there are no borders to cross, there is no up or down, there is only this one question before the ovens, did we do this to ourselves?  Did we deserve this?  Was there some rule that we broke?  Did we say enough to our brothers at the larder, to stop, this is sloth?  What did the Jews say before the oven?  Were they sure they were about to be gassed?  Did it even matter if they knew the people who controlled their fate cared not in the least if they were a bother enough to kill yet or not?  What will it look like when finally it is our turn for the lines?  Will we care for each other and offer comforting words?  Will we then care for our brother?

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