Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Real Quest For Stem Cell Research.

How did the worlds greatest evil prevail upon a christian nation the idea of killing in huge quantities of peoples that came into their control such as jews, gypsy's, the disabled, to the point of genocide was not only feasable, but a matter of life and death instead of a ridiculously cruel and hideous distortion that common sense would dictate? Weren't there some who might have objected to some of these insane and murderous ideas? The answer of course is that it was through a chimera of science, and man's destiny, the unspoken hunt of all progressive movements that leads inexorably to sacrifice's that must be endured. Most commonly a sacrifice of those outside the inner circle of cruelty who must pay. But the truism that what is merely endured in the present becomes the excess of the next generation has been and always will remain the path of the state as liberty gives ground. Something the good people in the progressive movement, the communist movement and every statist movement envies with every fibre of their being, to weild this much control over the thoughts of so many people and get them to be a force for only your bidding, it takes science.

Here is the principle of Hitler's henchmen in a six part series. I try to be funny, I really do.

Part 2 Mengele

Part 3 Mengele

Part 4 Mengele

Part 5 Mengele

Part 6 Mengele

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