Saturday, March 28, 2009

Im Headed Out To See Waltz With Bashir

I just wonder given the climate of hatred prevailing in art houses and 'intellectual circles' what sort of self loathing the Israeli's have a penchant for, I still want to go show my support. Who knows, maybe my knuckledragging could provide some balance. God Love The Irish, Eh?

I'll post something more about this later. Also, I am blogging from a phone. Isn't that CRAZY? Huh.

Heh,back. This film was quite interesting, about the Sabra Massacre of Palestinians during the Lebanon War. The tease was about a haunted memory of an Israeli Soldier revealed to him through a reaccurring nightmare in which he is relentlessly hunted down by a pack of merciless zombie dogs.  The dream is a metaphor for the theme which is a darkened memory of a horrible massacre.  Some critiques I had read of this technique the director chose along the lines of 'A Scanner Darkly,' or Rotoscopy which renders actual film to flat color fields and line shadowing found in graphic novels.

The supposed twist is how the child in us is led down a devious path which juxtposes sugar fueled memories of Saturday mornings of enraptured innocence.  I'd have to say such criticism is completely useless to decide if a film is actually worth seeing. With the film I just watched, the graphic schtick is useful from another direction that plays off  the nature of memory.  There is a potent argument for the function of memory in human psyche to be made and this film makes it, how could implanted memories work, or how something could be misremembered or forgotten entirely.  The argument of Waltz With Bashir is the plausible deniability of the IDF that the Philangists were carrying these murders out without IDF knowlege. There is none of the usual pathetic leftist mewlings about 'The Plight' and none but the seemingly honest search for search for an accounting of the reality and the experience of brutality in war.
The film does an honest job of grabbing you by the gut and raising the blade to your throut. I'd like to think that the surrealities that emerge out of the darkness that envelopes things that do not ordinarily deserve to see the light of day, serve to portray the fractured nature of reality a fraction of a second, or a millimeter away from oblivion.
My personal take on  Waltz With Bashir originated in realizing that even though the fact of the massacre is undeniable, the first days of the Iraqi Freedom were spent by me defending a comment section of a then emerging Milblog genre from the rabid lunacy of the left.  One unfortunate memory of those online arguments centered on the irresponsibility of the IDF in allowing the christians to murder the innocent and the jews culpability  in allowing it to happen. 

My research focused on the double standard inherent in asymetrical Rules Of Engagement. From time immemorial, the enemy was driven from their homes the men were killed and the women and children hauled off to slavery or worse. So soon from even Vietnam that it was considered a crime against mankind that woman and children were victims. What kind of madness is it that we can use these tragedies to overburden meaning itself? It is a moral good that wars when fought are expedient in eliminating the enemies will to fight, rules that you win war by destroying the enemy and drive his future into dust in front of his woman and with extreme prejudice. There are no appeals mercy either, unless the argument furthers the goal of eliminating the enemy of his will to fight.   Is there an such thing as a merciful day of war? Pa-leeese, what EU dandy dreamed up such a fancypants idea? 

As a Christian and a keen observer of humanity, I'd just like to point out that though we strive to live the beatitudes, we are horrible at it and we do a whole lot better thinking in terms of the Old Testament. It should be decreed again from every home and hearth that honesty is far less cruel a virtue than mantaining falsehoods in order to appease one's chaotic emotions and to never, ever,  allow one drop of life's precious blood in appeasement of the soft tyranny of fraternity and industrialization of victims.

It is clear that the Left and Academia's vilification of America, its barely disguised hatred of all things pax Americana, that some sort of derangement was brewing.  Why does the Left have this fascination, with supporting terror, the use of terror and the suppression of Zionism? Because to the Left, America has no moral imperative except to be wrong, evil and die. Quite simple really.  There is nothing else to concern yourself with and any means necessary to win against the hated 'right' is doing a service for good, such as lying, fabrication of News, villification of war heroes, the subtle mockery of the intelligence of the dead, the fawning over petty murderous dictators, the outright lust of the suppression of all freedoms of these putrid dictators. 

This excused a lot of aberrant behavior and also explains a whole lot about what is being left out of any meaningful discussion of exactly who are the enemies to our precious way of life. Either Israel and the IDF are evil and should be wiped out by any means necessary, or that the lies of Liberalism must be brutally exposed and held to extreme prejudice.  We are in a battle for our very life's blood.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ah, Hemlock, Where Is Thy Sting?

Or;  Better A Socrates Than A Pig Happy.

In the milieu of news and blog sensations, hash and rehash of the days flotsam and jetsam, intrigue and winners and losers and who gets to pick.  I also wonder what all of this means?  If you make sense out of it do you get to worry more, or is there some sort of prize?  Does a person get to sit in the lifeboat, or on the steering committee?  What the heck does it matter?
Will we ever get our country back?  Is there a way to get home?  What ever happened to those I told you so's that was the conservative base's raison d'etre?  What ever happened to the chastisement that was bound to come when millions of good church going people could see it all sliding off the cliff forever?  WE knew all about what was going to happen.  We told you so.
Now we slide right into the dark ages.  We had so much stability that we even heard people praying for another WTO to protest, or another war just to get rid of the damned ennui.  Thats the way it is when you can't see anything other than self interested altruism.
Everyone of the good looking liberal arts degree, skinny, tall, have it both ways people - too absorbed to notice hypocrisy even if they were wearing it (NIke), who were too unconcerned or were too busy sneering their snarky little comments, and acting queer even before it was the cliched and boorish term; Metrosexual.  
We who actually live to love and love to learn, to absorb our life in the experience of achievement and values were ridiculed for it as we still are.  We who stood on the pickets in the cold every January 20th for thirty years to protest the insane murder of the unborn and take a stand for human rights, we are deflated.  It is all undone and all for nothing.  Go away Virtue, go away Values.  Get lost Truth.  We killed God so we damn near care even less for you, so get lost.  Ah, Hemlock, where is thy sting?
The world does not care for you little children, your mothers and fathers are murderers and the state will even fund it because it has an interest in embryonic stem cells, your, embryonic stem cells to feed the demon called Technology.
All of your immense stability and equilibrium or non judgmental relativism and secular humanism is crashing around your ears and you can't even hear it.  Because you have sealed them against your own children's cries from your nightmare test tube.
We get to say we told you so.  This feels so completely useless and a waste of human life.  I cant even muster a whimper of pity for you bastards.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have been searching my mind for a light to shine on the darkening path, a shelter for the coming storm.  This storm has brewed before and how people faced these times was passed on from people of a common bond because common virtue was the common door to freedom.  It was also very much a Christian base for understanding, because common virtue is fed by common faith.  We are truly standing on the shoulders of giants.  They got to be that way by a hunger for the one thing that was it's own reward; virtue.  It has been years since I have read anything published currently about the cardinal virtues.  One of them is Integrity.
The Honest Farmer
Retold By Emma Lyman Cabot

There was a war in Germany long ago, and thousands of soldiers were scattered over the country.  A captain of the cavalry, who had a great many men and horses to feed, was told by his colonel that he must get food from the farms nearby.  The captain walked for some time through the lonely valley, and at last knocked at the door of a small cottage.  The man who opened it looked old and lame.  He leaned on a stick.
"Good day sir," said the captain.  "Will you kindly show me a field where my soldiers can cut the grain and carry off for our army?"  The old man led the soldiers through the valley for about a mile, and in the distance they saw a field of barley waving in the breeze.
"This is just what we want.  We'll stop here," exclaimed the captain.
"No, not yet," said the old man.  "You must follow me a little farther."
After another mile or two, they came to a second field of barley.  The soldiers dismounted, cut down the grain tied it in sheaves and rode away with it.
Then the captain said to the farmer:"Why did you make us walk so far?  The first field of barley was better than this one."
"That is true, sir," answered the honest old man, "but it was not mine."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Time To Hit The Books!

I'm off doing my homework now, got some things to do for the weekend and thought I'd publish an embed video from Youtube to see if Goog blogs are up to the task.  Time to get organized.  We are in for the bumpiest of bumpy rides.

This is about the Tea Party Movement in Houston.  The music and the cutting are excellent.  For a grassroots thing, it looks like its getting ramped up pretty quickly.  Take a look.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dr. Muckinfutch, Social Experimenter Makes His Mark

We seem to be fighting a losing battle among the regular citizenry.  There seems to be some form of mental derangement brought about by watching too much of these other deranged people out there.  As if we can just put anything unpleasant off to the side and start over by not having to teach kids about bad things and how they happen altogether becasue teaching them is the same thing as being some kind of fascist nazi republican, blah, blah.  We have been guilty of mollycoddling these kids, but that is not the only thing; that is the course syllabus of every classroom for the past fifty years.

While searching on the internet I found this page.  Read the whole thing
And while the NRA was eventually successful in Dade County, other cities were less receptive to the organization's overtures that year.  In the fall of 1988 the NRA urged adoption of the Eddie Eagle program in Chicago schools after an 11 year old girl was accidently injured by a revolver her playmates had found in a schoolyard bush.

This has been the biggest pile of horse dung for over three generations now with nothing but liberals and progressive teachers organized by those who pay them, who grades them and who promotes them to tenure being some Dr. Muckinfutch Social Experimenter, Phd whiz-shot who wrote his masters on Che Guevera.  
If a kid nowadays shows any kind of whisper of original thought and not the one that tows the line the teachers start seeing if they can con the parents into drugging the kid into a stupor.  If a responsible parent wishes to have a firearm in their home with children, the natural thing is an Eddie Eagle that teaches kids to be safe through a simple and oft repeated drill, that if the child sees a firearm, to stop, don't pick up, and tell a parent or responsible adult about the firearm. 

Who wouldn't teach a child that?  Its just plain common sense and teaches or promotes nothing at all about the use of firearms except that guns are dangerous and to not have anything to do with them.  Anti Eddie Eagle could get kids killed because its anti-common sense.  My seven year old cousin should have gotten his first BB gun for Christmas last year but I just did not want the headache of having to train my hat on backwards, God loves her- sister.  It all stems from the idea that the world is a really, really- really safe and we don't need to teach aggressive little rascals how to control serious firepower - which Eddie Eagle does not promote in anyway - these same people overlook that other aggressive rascals grew up and fought these maniacs that took the lives of people they took hostage and strapped as human torpedoes into buildings at five hundred miles an hour taking 2700 other lives with them/ use as human shields/ strap dirty bombs to/ insert devious evil concept here and then let some insane black president release them back into the world, because it suits his agenda and fills out the requirement for having  talking point memo.

Brainwashed and lulled into submission parents spend too much time listening to a 'free press' that fails to secure our freedoms and instead is used as a tool for power grabs and propaganda that has turned against freedom and turned against us.  They show that guns are bad, that mistakes happen as a matter of course and mean people suck.  A parent today has to ask themselves to have an original thought instead of autopilot and go against the urge to think that they are insane teaching their kids about guns, what if the school board found out and reported them for child abuse?  It takes parents with guts that aren't afraid of loving their kids instead of screwing it all up somehow or America will never find the steel reserve it takes to make a thing like the Second Amendment stick.  It has been a part of their plan all along to take us down piece by piece as C.S. Lewis wrote in the Four Loves.

We have got to identify how they did it. Appreciate the patience it took to put all of these things in place, for they who held their own lives so cheaply, still felt duty bound to throw a monkey wrench in to gum up the works because they couldn't face the fact that they had done nothing with their own lives.  They deny God and find fear in every shadow, or something larger than their life itself in the principle of self immolation, the chains of a soft tyranny for an empty and discredited ideal of the weak valued over the strong, (Nietszche) or the cruelty of slavery of the State for free will of the Individual.  Know now your enemy.  He is US. 

And know this: if security is overall, then we shall have neither freedom nor security.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

From Small Things- Great Things Grow.

Been spending time rereading some old touch points and mental notes from years ago about the brewing storm ahead.  The 910 world here, in which ideas about McCluhan and Baudrillard and the media was the masses.  The idea that the power could shift and then where would it go, where was the direction that it would head off too.

These ideas were discarded by me after 911. The radicals who were in touch with me could no longer stand the Armchair Historian Populist crap I was laying down and they and I had a very definite split.  What happened led me to discover the back rooms and alleys of history that the media had not prepared anyones mind to 'discover' because the agenda has been moving that way for a very long time, that exquisite repository of recorded history, The Roman Catholic Church.  You could spend a lifetime unlearning what you didn't know was true about the Catholic Church but I digress.

This part about Chicago Activism was something new to me, and was properly introduced immediately after the War began when someone named Bill was on some of the boards that I had been.  This man named Bill had everyone from the boards organized into echelons of tighter and tighter security and deeper and deeper levels of  confidence were weedled out of the minions.  Like a secret society of crafty social sorcerers.  Needless to say, my views opposing the free advocation of legalization of class C narcotics got me some notice.  

This guy had all of the credentials you needed to have someone who claimed to be behind the Church of the Sub Genius sitting in his closest circle of friends.  Where artists were, or they called themselves artists.  Actually Bill called himself a Situational Anarchist.  Anyway, the dealings that I had with Bill at that time were extremely confrontational in such a way that he was trying to convince me that I should side with him and against the good of the country while the smoke was still rising in Manhattan.  Part of what he showed me was the then fledgeling  There was the backing and all of the preparation that just needed the right moment to launch it.  It was diabolical, but I moved on.

So, now I am playing the detective and trying to find were the bodies are buried and I can definitely tell you that I am reading and rereading anything I can get my hands on about Saul Alinksky.  That guy sounds like the real deal alright and something that Bill would have loved to quote.  I cant even begin to tell you if this Bill from Chicago in the early group networks was the same Bill they talk about with the Weather Underground or not, but it seems like too many details pop up that are too important to miss.  It has the ring of truth, like the sound a quarter makes when its dropped on its side.   The silver ones were the best.

So, if the middle class are starting to move, then they are a plutonium bomb set to short circuit. As Baudrillard was fond of saying, the shadow class were the great wildcard.  Once they started on the discovery that it was all chimera, then they would erupt and destroy meaning itself.  It is no wonder that no politician wants to get out in front of the Tea Party Movement, because the whole process of the middle class becoming radical comes out of Alinskys playbook.  That sowing of discontent is necessary, and why you see Obama making deals with Brown and others to make a New Deal global; because the revolution is not scheduled until 2012.

Did it ever occur to anyone how ultimately distressing it is that the Army we have now is trained to fight insurrections?  That we now have a President trying to drive us into confrontation with our own institutions by stealing every core value and engine of the economy he could get his hands on and that was within the first month? These plans take years to even implement, but that is not the point, the timing and structure should be analyzed for the demoralizing effect for which it is intended, because he doesn't wait for the news of the latest debacle to recede before the next one gets piled on.  OODA loops again.

This is war on one's own house. In a way that makes all other wars look like child's play.  

God Bless the United States of America and save her.  We are in for some very dark times indeed.