Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ah, Hemlock, Where Is Thy Sting?

Or;  Better A Socrates Than A Pig Happy.

In the milieu of news and blog sensations, hash and rehash of the days flotsam and jetsam, intrigue and winners and losers and who gets to pick.  I also wonder what all of this means?  If you make sense out of it do you get to worry more, or is there some sort of prize?  Does a person get to sit in the lifeboat, or on the steering committee?  What the heck does it matter?
Will we ever get our country back?  Is there a way to get home?  What ever happened to those I told you so's that was the conservative base's raison d'etre?  What ever happened to the chastisement that was bound to come when millions of good church going people could see it all sliding off the cliff forever?  WE knew all about what was going to happen.  We told you so.
Now we slide right into the dark ages.  We had so much stability that we even heard people praying for another WTO to protest, or another war just to get rid of the damned ennui.  Thats the way it is when you can't see anything other than self interested altruism.
Everyone of the good looking liberal arts degree, skinny, tall, have it both ways people - too absorbed to notice hypocrisy even if they were wearing it (NIke), who were too unconcerned or were too busy sneering their snarky little comments, and acting queer even before it was the cliched and boorish term; Metrosexual.  
We who actually live to love and love to learn, to absorb our life in the experience of achievement and values were ridiculed for it as we still are.  We who stood on the pickets in the cold every January 20th for thirty years to protest the insane murder of the unborn and take a stand for human rights, we are deflated.  It is all undone and all for nothing.  Go away Virtue, go away Values.  Get lost Truth.  We killed God so we damn near care even less for you, so get lost.  Ah, Hemlock, where is thy sting?
The world does not care for you little children, your mothers and fathers are murderers and the state will even fund it because it has an interest in embryonic stem cells, your, embryonic stem cells to feed the demon called Technology.
All of your immense stability and equilibrium or non judgmental relativism and secular humanism is crashing around your ears and you can't even hear it.  Because you have sealed them against your own children's cries from your nightmare test tube.
We get to say we told you so.  This feels so completely useless and a waste of human life.  I cant even muster a whimper of pity for you bastards.

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