Sunday, March 1, 2009

From Small Things- Great Things Grow.

Been spending time rereading some old touch points and mental notes from years ago about the brewing storm ahead.  The 910 world here, in which ideas about McCluhan and Baudrillard and the media was the masses.  The idea that the power could shift and then where would it go, where was the direction that it would head off too.

These ideas were discarded by me after 911. The radicals who were in touch with me could no longer stand the Armchair Historian Populist crap I was laying down and they and I had a very definite split.  What happened led me to discover the back rooms and alleys of history that the media had not prepared anyones mind to 'discover' because the agenda has been moving that way for a very long time, that exquisite repository of recorded history, The Roman Catholic Church.  You could spend a lifetime unlearning what you didn't know was true about the Catholic Church but I digress.

This part about Chicago Activism was something new to me, and was properly introduced immediately after the War began when someone named Bill was on some of the boards that I had been.  This man named Bill had everyone from the boards organized into echelons of tighter and tighter security and deeper and deeper levels of  confidence were weedled out of the minions.  Like a secret society of crafty social sorcerers.  Needless to say, my views opposing the free advocation of legalization of class C narcotics got me some notice.  

This guy had all of the credentials you needed to have someone who claimed to be behind the Church of the Sub Genius sitting in his closest circle of friends.  Where artists were, or they called themselves artists.  Actually Bill called himself a Situational Anarchist.  Anyway, the dealings that I had with Bill at that time were extremely confrontational in such a way that he was trying to convince me that I should side with him and against the good of the country while the smoke was still rising in Manhattan.  Part of what he showed me was the then fledgeling  There was the backing and all of the preparation that just needed the right moment to launch it.  It was diabolical, but I moved on.

So, now I am playing the detective and trying to find were the bodies are buried and I can definitely tell you that I am reading and rereading anything I can get my hands on about Saul Alinksky.  That guy sounds like the real deal alright and something that Bill would have loved to quote.  I cant even begin to tell you if this Bill from Chicago in the early group networks was the same Bill they talk about with the Weather Underground or not, but it seems like too many details pop up that are too important to miss.  It has the ring of truth, like the sound a quarter makes when its dropped on its side.   The silver ones were the best.

So, if the middle class are starting to move, then they are a plutonium bomb set to short circuit. As Baudrillard was fond of saying, the shadow class were the great wildcard.  Once they started on the discovery that it was all chimera, then they would erupt and destroy meaning itself.  It is no wonder that no politician wants to get out in front of the Tea Party Movement, because the whole process of the middle class becoming radical comes out of Alinskys playbook.  That sowing of discontent is necessary, and why you see Obama making deals with Brown and others to make a New Deal global; because the revolution is not scheduled until 2012.

Did it ever occur to anyone how ultimately distressing it is that the Army we have now is trained to fight insurrections?  That we now have a President trying to drive us into confrontation with our own institutions by stealing every core value and engine of the economy he could get his hands on and that was within the first month? These plans take years to even implement, but that is not the point, the timing and structure should be analyzed for the demoralizing effect for which it is intended, because he doesn't wait for the news of the latest debacle to recede before the next one gets piled on.  OODA loops again.

This is war on one's own house. In a way that makes all other wars look like child's play.  

God Bless the United States of America and save her.  We are in for some very dark times indeed.

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