Friday, February 27, 2009

New Census Numbers Just In

I suppose that with the Whitehouse taking over the census, perhaps Dear Leader can keep his pledge for a 95% tax cut for working families after all. It just doesn't have to be real people we are talking about.  

I am beginning to wonder if everything this guy says is calculated for the maximum effect of nihilism.  I never saw this guy speak until the third debate and then it was a solid dread. So, I asked my pal who went out and bought ten Spiderman Comics if he knew that Obama was going to do this.

I was pretty much as vindicated as I could be.  He hadn't had any more of a clue than the rest of us.  But I reminded him that I told him all along who the guy was and nobody listened.  Thank you.  The amazing thing is, these folks that just recently used to say, over and over, almost in unison, "He couldn't do any worse than what we have already had" in smug and self congratulatory delight, aren't saying that so loudly now.  They just kind of give me that "Dur - buzzkill alert" look.  I can even tell them what is coming next and they just give me that...  

Well, you've probably seen it by now.

Some are starting to get it.  Its starting to sink in.  But I suspect it doesn't feel any better where you are, out there in Virtual land.  I bet you are counting all of your Virtual friends right now and thinking, "Hey, its about time us Virtuals get some of the damn glory for once.  We earned that election for him and ACORN deserves $4.5 billion for getting us Virtuals registered.  I'll bet you are feeling pretty smug sticking it to the stinking Republicans and now you can run off into your Virtual Victory Mandate and see about spending some more virtual cash out of our grand childrens inheritance because, hey, you don't really have to pay back Monopoly Money to the Fed do you?

Where can I sign up for that kind of freedom?

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  1. Great hearing from you BB over the telephone.
    It has been quite a long time-JJ