Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Coming Meritocracy

One of the most important times in my life is the one that is happening right now.  I am writing as a Son of America.  My spiritual fathers line the streets of the Champs de Ellysees.  We who have given so much to the world have asked so little for so long that the exceptionalism of anonymity has finally been beaten from us.  Our enemies have discovered our hovels and succeeded in corrupting the progeny of a fertile land for over fifty years and we have been guilty of loving them too lightly for so long that the enemy at the gates has become the child that has bested us and so, is called a Genius.  

The Man Is A Genius

It is in the old fashion I mean that. The meaning that Dante meant associating it with evil because it was formed to snare men just as it still does; Full of Sound and Fury, Yet Signifying Nothing.

I search as many search, for the soul and passion of my country in desperate times and reluctant as she is to face a horrible truth.  We are no where near as stable as we convinced ourselves we would be.  We are no where near as strong as we thought ourselves to be.  But we are stronger than all of their slings together if we pledge ourselves to liberty.

Think of this word,liberty.   Think of all the millennium,  of the millions of miles travelled, the sickness and crushing pain of failure, of wars destruction and disaster. just to place one's children out of harms way.  Those ancestors whom we will never meet or even thank greet us everyday in the mirror in our DNA;  all for one word.  Liberty.

Together with the Spirit of Truth, we will become Liberators.

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