Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sure Hope This Chills Me Out Saga.

Some free association follows: 

Let's write Pelosi, Reid and Obama each a trillion dollar check preferably in peso's to get out of D.C.  I may be writing a check on my kids nickel but they would thank me  for it.

Best Ever Stimulus Plan:

Take any city of large size here in America, lets say; around three quarters of a mill and tax the hell out of business in the center of the city.  Then draw a circle outside of the center, say ten miles, then another one to fifty miles.  Any city within that band with two hundred thousand population gets a ten year moratorium on taxes.

The kicker is that you kill the Highway Budget at the same time.  Seriously.

Best Reform the Government and Establish the Meritocracy Idea:

Eliminate State Legislative Elections for House positions.  Who the hell pays attention to them anyway? Replace them with a draft. Do away with elected representation in those positions.  Anyone who has been deselected for a jury trial three times must serve a two year stint in the State Legislature or forfeit $40,000 a year to someone who wants the job. We need a new way to identify talent because the best people are doing important things.

Why not the Senate?  Because of the Federalist Papers.
There will be exceptions but lawyers cant get to pick.

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