Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dr. Muckinfutch, Social Experimenter Makes His Mark

We seem to be fighting a losing battle among the regular citizenry.  There seems to be some form of mental derangement brought about by watching too much of these other deranged people out there.  As if we can just put anything unpleasant off to the side and start over by not having to teach kids about bad things and how they happen altogether becasue teaching them is the same thing as being some kind of fascist nazi republican, blah, blah.  We have been guilty of mollycoddling these kids, but that is not the only thing; that is the course syllabus of every classroom for the past fifty years.

While searching on the internet I found this page.  Read the whole thing
And while the NRA was eventually successful in Dade County, other cities were less receptive to the organization's overtures that year.  In the fall of 1988 the NRA urged adoption of the Eddie Eagle program in Chicago schools after an 11 year old girl was accidently injured by a revolver her playmates had found in a schoolyard bush.

This has been the biggest pile of horse dung for over three generations now with nothing but liberals and progressive teachers organized by those who pay them, who grades them and who promotes them to tenure being some Dr. Muckinfutch Social Experimenter, Phd whiz-shot who wrote his masters on Che Guevera.  
If a kid nowadays shows any kind of whisper of original thought and not the one that tows the line the teachers start seeing if they can con the parents into drugging the kid into a stupor.  If a responsible parent wishes to have a firearm in their home with children, the natural thing is an Eddie Eagle that teaches kids to be safe through a simple and oft repeated drill, that if the child sees a firearm, to stop, don't pick up, and tell a parent or responsible adult about the firearm. 

Who wouldn't teach a child that?  Its just plain common sense and teaches or promotes nothing at all about the use of firearms except that guns are dangerous and to not have anything to do with them.  Anti Eddie Eagle could get kids killed because its anti-common sense.  My seven year old cousin should have gotten his first BB gun for Christmas last year but I just did not want the headache of having to train my hat on backwards, God loves her- sister.  It all stems from the idea that the world is a really, really- really safe and we don't need to teach aggressive little rascals how to control serious firepower - which Eddie Eagle does not promote in anyway - these same people overlook that other aggressive rascals grew up and fought these maniacs that took the lives of people they took hostage and strapped as human torpedoes into buildings at five hundred miles an hour taking 2700 other lives with them/ use as human shields/ strap dirty bombs to/ insert devious evil concept here and then let some insane black president release them back into the world, because it suits his agenda and fills out the requirement for having  talking point memo.

Brainwashed and lulled into submission parents spend too much time listening to a 'free press' that fails to secure our freedoms and instead is used as a tool for power grabs and propaganda that has turned against freedom and turned against us.  They show that guns are bad, that mistakes happen as a matter of course and mean people suck.  A parent today has to ask themselves to have an original thought instead of autopilot and go against the urge to think that they are insane teaching their kids about guns, what if the school board found out and reported them for child abuse?  It takes parents with guts that aren't afraid of loving their kids instead of screwing it all up somehow or America will never find the steel reserve it takes to make a thing like the Second Amendment stick.  It has been a part of their plan all along to take us down piece by piece as C.S. Lewis wrote in the Four Loves.

We have got to identify how they did it. Appreciate the patience it took to put all of these things in place, for they who held their own lives so cheaply, still felt duty bound to throw a monkey wrench in to gum up the works because they couldn't face the fact that they had done nothing with their own lives.  They deny God and find fear in every shadow, or something larger than their life itself in the principle of self immolation, the chains of a soft tyranny for an empty and discredited ideal of the weak valued over the strong, (Nietszche) or the cruelty of slavery of the State for free will of the Individual.  Know now your enemy.  He is US. 

And know this: if security is overall, then we shall have neither freedom nor security.

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