Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bobby Seale to Barack Obama

While ramblin around the interwebs one lonely bumpty night, I was researching a piece that pits our current eco-nomic state, with the aims of the sixties radical Black Panther's Party and then the spin off's that Bill Ayers Weathermen were trying to impress in a very serious way back when he was blowing up bombs at the Pentagon and I find this beautiful prophetic piece published before the election had even happened and the campaign was underway.

  • I personally know many of them who still have a deep rooted, well hidden hatred, for white Americans, for perceived racial grievances, both past and present. These people will interact with whites on a daily basis, but in private in the presence of other AA's express their true bitterness regarding this country, and the need for change, no matter how radical that change may be

    Based on things I have heard and read of his associations in the 90's with Bill Ayers and others,, when he was 34 and not 8 years old (as Barack relates his age to the bombing apex of Ayers, instead of when his true interaction occurred), I believe Barack Obama is one of those people with a basic belief that America is an evil and racist nation that needs radical change. I not only believe that of Barack, but of his wife Michelle too, who early in his campaign let slip her true feelings about this country.

    I too once held that same bitterness, and I won't claim it doesn't some time well up in me. But I finally rejected , and am able to overcome the hatred and bitterness, as I came to understand through my Christian spiritual experience what the true causes of racism and all other hatred and disputes between humans truly stem from.

    But I truly doubt Barack and Michelle have rejected their hidden rage and bitterness, under the warped hateful Afro-centric version of Christianity , which they were subjected to for many years under the pastor-ship Rev Jeremiah Wright.


  1. Wow, that's powerful. What was the setting when this was said? In my impressionable years, I was a great admirer of Bobby Seale (and other panthers). Very interesting!!

  2. Wed Oct 8, 2008 The setting is the message boards at Free Republic during the 2008 campaign. The voice is that of an unknown but very favorably rated writer named Jazzman there at Free Republic and the warning is lifted from there. You can follow the link and I guess I should have provided another link that made it a bit more obvious. Thanks for your comment. I think as time goes on, the compelling nature of the statement gets stronger as President Obama begins solidifying his grip on power and the silence grows among his critics.