Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hide A Tax

It is a form of tax, this ramping up of the deficit...

We the people get fat and happy while they line their coffers by inflating wealth, and property into nothing. Doesn't matter the deficit, doesn't matter the tax, they play the game their way regardless of loss because to them, it is a constant hum of crisis management. The bigger the crises, the more they are needed to provide the solution, the more larger the government grows.

We the people have not long before any credible outcome of our fate shall long since be gone. Obama and his radical court jesters know this, regardless of Bush and Cheney, Goldman Sachs or Harvard. They have planned long and hard.

We must make it clear that the hammer blows WILL fall around THIER ears as long and as fast as is needed to rid our world of these ideas. Their ideas which never worked in the real world shall never happen here.

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