Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hijack, Rosie and Mea Culpa

After this long hiatus, it would be foolish of me to make a promise of a renewed and sustained effort. However, two things have occured, that the spirit of the American's have risen up, more or less in agreement with the ideas on these pages, and an incessant but untraceable hand of destiny compells the unfolding of these times. Whatever you may refer to as an unseen force, or spirit, kitchen witch or Almighty God it compells a narrative, which is the purpose of this blog in the very first place.

Forgive me this long winded apology, I have been writing in 140 characters in search of my own personal soul of wit. Perhaps a new sense of style for my writing has developed. I heard Jack White objects to letting the US Air Force use a rerecording in a recruitment ad run during the Superbowl.

Heh, too bad Jack. I heard you did a movie, that it went straight to DVD. I bet Rosie O'Donnel really likes your stuff. Hi Jack, here's your sign.

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